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what is half-inderal la 80 mg used for
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In total, 37 blood samples were taken during pregnancy from mothers whose kids developed MS in the future. The findings showed that women with high levels of vitamin D in their blood had a risk of developing MS 61 percent lower than those who had low levels of vitamin D in their blood. Just seven of 192 people who had MS, approximately four percent, also had high vitamin D levels, in contrast to 30 out of 384 controls, around 8 percent, who did not have the disease. No link was seen between the mother's vitamin D level and her offspring developing MS. Salzar said: Since we found no protective effect on the baby for women with higher levels of vitamin D in early pregnancy, our study suggests the protective effect may start in later pregnancy and beyond. Another interesting finding in our study was that the vitamin D levels became gradually lower with time from 1975 and onward. It is possible that this decline in vitamin D status is linked to the increasing numbers of MS cases seen worldwide.

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Sufficient sources of vitamin D include supplements, sun, and certain foods. Written by Kelly Fitzgerald Babies should be given a daily dose of vitamin D of 400 IU (international units) to help them stay healthy, according to a new study in JAMA. Vitamin D is important for the growth of healthy bones and to prevent rickets, and it is particularly crucial that infants get enough of it during their first year life because their bones are growing very quickly. For that reason, pediatricians often suggest that parents give babies a daily vitamin D supplement.
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